Cambodia – Days 8 and 9 – Tuk Tuks and Random Street Dancing


We hired a Tuk Tuk driver (same one as yesterday) to drive us around the city and show us a few sites. It was cool to see the city and surrounding area this way.


In the middle of one of the roads was a female Buddha statue that people worshipped at. I believe our driver told us it was one of the oldest statues there.


We visited the killing fields which is as disturbing as it sounds.


We also visited a small Buddhist temple which told the story of Buddha in pictures.


The roads were pretty flooded from the rainy seasons.


Later that night we visited Pub Street and had a few beers. We had a blast people watching and drinking cheap beer (.50 a glass). As expected the song Gangnam Style had to come on sooner or later and when it did I jumped up to dance to it and we saw a Tuk Tuk driver we had kept running into all day that drove the Batman Tuk Tuk and he joined in on the pony dance.. We left soon after and there was a random of group of people dancing in the street and I got sucked into it momentarily. It was fun!

Dr. Fish

For our final day in Cambodia we decided to make it a spa day and get all kinds of things done to ourselves from a massage to Dr. Fish. Next stop… Chaing Mai, Thailand where after a few days we meet up with Susie and Lynda!

I have to say the weirdest thing when walking down the street is hearing people asking you if you want a massage. Which in itself isn’t bad, but when you hear a guy whispering as you walk by “Hey Lady… you wan’ a massssssaaaaaaaaggge?” it gets a little creepy.

Goodbye Cambodia. it was lots of fun 🙂

Here is the link to all of the pictures from Cambodia including TONS of temple pictures… LINK


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