Malaysia (Langkawi) – Days 2,3, and 4


Night Train in Malaysia

After a crazy ride on the night train we made it to the ferry that would take us to the island of Langkawi. OK, Maybe not so crazy, more like relaxing and a fun experience. We had a private berth with a bunk bed and room to stack our luggage. We watched some Friday Night Lights (we both adore how everyone says Tim Riggins and not just Tim each time they talk about him) and then slept the rest of the night away. Oh, and we were given water and banana bread by the steward.


Ferry to Langkawi

When we arrived in Alor Setar (where out train stopped) we grabbed a taxi to the ferry and then had a nice hour and a half trip to Langkawi. The captain (Captain Ismail) came out to sit and chat with me and told me about how he lived in Alameda, CA for many years and all the other places he visited. He was a fun guy to talk to. As a side note, he did not like Buffalo, NY, there were too many drugs and gangsters.


Out tube was the pink one

We got another taxi and headed to the Tubotel. This was a cool place we found where you sleep in concrete tubes. Our tube was awesome because it was pink, it was facing the ocean, and we had a fantastic view.


Excellent view

Our first day was just day of reading, sleeping, eating, and sleeping some more because there was a huge storm. This was good. It was nice to do nothing all day.


Mandi and me in the Skycab

Our next day we headed out to find a taxi to take us to the skycab, which is a cable car that takes you to the top of Langkawi. First we wandered down the beach for a while until we went back to the street to look for a taxi stand. Our cab driver ended up being awesome and ended up staying with us to take us to the Seven Falls waterfall as well as take us back to town. I wish I would have gotten a photo since he had an awesome spiky mullet.


The view from the top of the world in Langkawi was AWESOME! You could see so far and it was so beautiful even with the overcast weather.


The falls were pretty cool to see. We didn’t go to the very top since it was approximately 600 steps to get to the top and it was too hot and humid to attempt that and we just didn’t feel like climbing 600 more steps (we had already gone up a bunch).


But we did see the bottom falls and then saw out first SE Asia monkey for this trip. He wasn’t very friendly and barred his teeth when I got to close. I didn’t try to get any closer!


On the beach

When we got back we wandered the beach and found a place to eat on the beach to have lunch and a few drinks.

We leave tomorrow to head back to KL for one day and then off to Cambodia!


2 thoughts on “Malaysia (Langkawi) – Days 2,3, and 4

  1. So cool to see where you guys have been, keep it rolling…Susie and I are getting very excited!!!
    Are you guys gonna meet us at airport on the 9th, or should we just go to hotel?

    • Lynda, We are so excited to see both of you. 🙂 You will need to take a taxi to the guesthouse. It is Diva Guesthouse and the address should be on the Tripit itinerary Susie has access to. It will cost you in Thai Bahts the equivalent of about 4 bucks. We don’t know if we will be there before or after you since we are taking a bus back from Pai where we will have been a few days. You can just tell them you are with Amanda Hoopes, they will be expecting you to arrive seperately from us. I can’t wait 🙂

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