Day One – Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur – with pictures this time!

The Internet has been a bit dodgy.. but I think I got it to post with pictures this time.

We made it to Kuala Lumpur around 11pm local time and then to our hotel around midnight. We decided to wander the streets to find something to eat and along the way ran into many giant rats and cockroaches. I am not used to seeing undomesticated rats, and I haven’t seen a cockroach since AZ. It was …. well, I was real jumpy the whole time. Sadly, I didn’t get a picture of a rat, not for lack of trying, they were just too damn fast! We finally found an all night diner and ate burgers (yeah, great first meal in Malaysia) and watched KPop on the giant TV. I felt like we hadn’t even left Korea.

Mandi at KL Starbucks

We got back to the hotel and passed out around 3am. The next day we were heading out and were told by the awesome staff at The Reggae Hotel 1 that we could  leave our stuff there and come back later to shower and hang out. Nice service! So we went out and I found a Starbucks right off (of course) and while we were enjoy our latte’s were delivered a sample of their new flavor (service, again!).

The streets of KL

After that we wandered the streets filled with hawkers and crazy traffic. Exactly like I expected and awesome buildings.




So far everything is going great! Tonight we head off to take the night train to LangKawi and spend a couple of nights in a tube once we get there. More on that the next post!


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