Golgusa Temple Stay

Well Cortney and I survived the stay at Golgusa (Buddhist temple). It turned out to be both very different and exactly like I expected. There was a lot of bowing and meditating as expected, but the sunmudo training ended up being really, really hard!

I expected that we were going to stay in a giant dorm room with no air-conditioning; but we ended up having a three person room with air conditioning and plugs. But of course I didn’t bring my plugs. Me, who carries around all sorts of plugs for every device in the world, even ones I don’t own, didn’t bring one. That’s okay. I just had less contact with the outside world, as it should be on a weekend like this.

So first we got our nifty outfits that we were told to wear all weekend. Cortney and I practiced some poses and meditating to get in the mood.

Then we went off for some archery training. I ended up getting a huge bruise my very first shot and then was told the correct way to hold and fire my bow! We only got to practice for about 10 minutes before it started raining.

We then went in and mediated for 20 minutes. I was actually surprised but I enjoyed the meditating, I thought I would be too hyper for it, but I just focused on my breathing and zoned off.

Later that night we did the sunmudo training. It kicked out ass and I am kind of glad I didn’t get any pictures of us doing it because I am sure it was hilarious.

We were woken up the next morning at 4am to go to morning meditation. We had to climb a HUGE hill that was practically vertical to get there and I was sweaty and worn out by the time I entered the temple to start the bowing and meditation.

After that we did a walking meditation.

Later that morning we were taught how to eat during a formal Buddhist meal. They is a long drawn out process to prepare, how to eat, and how to not waste one tiny little spice.



We took the optional tour and was able to visits some other temples and the beach, and when we got back, we went to have tea with one of the monks.




After more meditating, we watched a sunmudo demonstration. And then it was time for our adventure home. Which it was an adventure since we almost didn’t make it home. But that’s a story to tell over drinks some time!


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