Hanging out with Buddhist monks


This weekend I am going to a temple stay to hang out with some Buddhist monks. This temple stay is particularly awesome because the monks practice sunmudo, which is a form of martial arts, and they teach it to us! It literally translates to “the way of doing meditative martial arts”.

Besides sunmudo I will also be doing archery, meditating, chanting, yoga, more meditating, more chanting, a tea ceremony,  and 108 bows; among other things.  I am pretty excited about this since it was the number one thing on my list of things to do while in Asia.

I probably will come back a peaceful, calm, enlightened person, full of lots of Zen.

OR I most likely will be the same crazy, hyper, oblivious person,  with lots of stories to share.

Check out the website: http://sunmudo.net/?page_id=10〈=jp


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