Planning Part I: Journey through the Golden Triangle

My contract here is up September 20th (I finally set a date, woo hoo!) and a few days later Mandi and I are heading off on a six week vacation through Southeast Asia. A SIX WEEK vacation! How cool is that? Mandi has already figured out the flights and we are going to start booking them tonight. So far , she has calculated that to travel to and from Korea and hit five different countries, it will cost us about 1.25 million Won. That is equal to about $1,100 US of A dollars. Not a bad deal since it will cost about that much to get to Korea from the US.

So here are some details of some of the things we plan to do in each country:

Malaysia: Jungle trekking, monkey watching, beach bumming, island hopping, and visiting a temple in a cave.
Cambodia: Visiting Ankor Wat. Yoga.
Chiang Mai, Thailand: Hill Tribe Trek, The Wet Gibbon, which includes a zipline through the jungle, staying with a native family, and white water rafting, getting a tattoo, an all day cooking class, and massages.
Luang Prabong, Laos: Riding and bathing and elephant, playing under giant water falls, Buddha Caves, and watching the monks give alms.
Hanoi, Vietnam: two day boat tour down Halong Bay,
Bangkok, Thailand: Floating market, night market, temple of the emerald buddha, street food eating, bug eating, massages, shopping,
Surat Thani, Thailand: Island hopping and beach bumming.

And then head back to Korea to breathe for a minute and then go back to the airport to come back to the good ol’ US of A!

If anyone has any more ideas of what I can do in any of these countries… please let me know!


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