One of the things that always makes me laugh in Korea is the hard pounding dance music that can be heard from the convenience store to the eye glass store to a baseball stadium.

The first time I heard SHOTS! SHOTS! from the LMFAO song blasting from a cell phone shop on the street all the schools were, I was shocked. By the time I was at a baseball stadium and the song was blaring out every time a certain baseball player came out to the field I was screaming the lyrics along with all the fans.

I knew there was swearing and the song was about doing shots, but it was when I listened to the whole song through that I realized everyone in Korea (young and old) was singing along about doing shots and giving blow jobs.

Hard pounding music is played all over the city here and it is entertaining to walk to work and hear the stores competing with each other and blaring, rap, techno, and KPop. I never thought I would say it, but I kind of miss elevator music.


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