Fresh vegetables, fruits, and dog.

Today I stopped on the street corner and got some fresh fruits and vege’s using my own re-usable bag. This is signifigant only because last week I acquired some mushrooms from a random woman selling them in a dark and deserted underpass. Yesterday I saw a dead animal on the street and contemplated picking it up to add some protein to my diet.

JUST KIDDING! I didn’t see a dead dog and they don’t eat dog here! Actually, they do eat it here. It isn’t common in the city (though I am told it does exist) and I luckily haven’t ran into places that serve it nor do I think I have ever been slipped any. Though some of my students have explained to me that they don’t eat the cute fluffy dogs, they actually raise bigger plump dogs for the sole purpose of food. So it is basically the same as raising cattle or chickens or pigs…. but….. they’re puppies! 😦 I don’t think I will ever partake in eating puppy 😦

p.s. No adverse effects from the mushrooms. I am pretty sure they were just shitake mushrooms.


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