Sundae or Soondae .. depends on who you ask!

Well I finally tried some Sundae (Korean Blood Sausage) It wasn’t too bad. My mind kept getting confused between the yummy taste and the ingredients. But I came to the conclusion that I liked it, but most likely won’t eat it too many more times.

The Korean sausage is made of cow and pig intestines, in a similar way to western sausages, however it’s the filling which makes it stand apart. It’s similar to black pudding; however the sausage is stuffed with noodles. The most popular recipe for the Korean sundae is pork blood and noodles. However beef blood and even fish is sometimes used.

I did find out that I am not a vampire, since I didn’t have an insatiable craving for blood after eating it. That and the fact that I don’t sparkle, much.


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