Santa-con Seoul

Had a great time at Santa-con. The reactions from the natives was probably the best part. We were stared at, gasped at, and pointed at from riding on the subway to squishing our bodies through packed clubs to an impromptu mosh pit as a rock band played in the park (the mosh pit was my favorite by far).

And to end the night, as Mandi and I were refused by two taxi drivers, one cried out as he was going the other direction, “hey santas, need a taxi?” and he was super excited when we got it. He then proceeded to make the 30+ minute drive in 20 minutes as he kept his emergency flashers on and his hand on the horn. Mandi was convinced he was drunk. But we made it safely and as we got out of the cab there was a crowd off people waiting for taxis and they clapped and waved and smiled while they called out things as we stepped out of the cab. We just waved and quickly walked away. I now know what it feels like to be a celebrity.

It was a fun night. but like I said….the reactions of the Koreans were the best!


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