Amazing Race – Kiki in Korea style

Sometimes I feel like I am on an episode of The Amazing Race (I wish I was!) Take today for instance. I hop in a cab and show a picture of the bus shack I need to get to, to the taxi driver. We start driving and halfway there he says a bunch of stuff in Korean and after lots of halting English on both our parts and me showing the picture from my phone some more, I figure out he was saying there are two bus stops and which one did I need? I said Bucheon (where I was going) and we were off again.

I got out of the taxi and don’t see the shack so I go into a convinience store and ask the guy there.  He points to the shack across the street. I head down the street to the crosswalk (because I value my life) and walk back down to the shack. When I get there I say where I want to go and he says it is across the street. Arggggg! Right where I was at first. I head back down the street and cross over and walk back down. This time it works. The ticket is given to me. I am now on a bus. I really hope the bus is going where. I need to go!


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