Super Pepero & Ponytails Day or SPPD!

Not only was today Pepero Day in Korea, it was also… wait, let me explain Pepero Day first. Taken from

So, Pepero Day is November 11th. Pepero is actually a candy company that specializes in long, thin cookies dipped in chocolate. November 11th is Pepero Day because it’s 11/11, which looks like four Pepero sticks. Well, maybe it looks like 5 Pepero sticks if you count the middle one that’s slanted. Anyhow, the marketing team at Pepero decided to call it Pepero Day and make it so that everyone buys and gives Peperos to their friends and family on that day.

Yes, a company that makes the candy has a day especially for that candy. It would be like having Coke day or maybe a Doritos day. Crazy marketing there. Anyway… it works. Everyone buys and gives out Pepero. I brought some to give to my students and they overwhelmed me with gifts of it.

But this year it was even more Pepero-like because not only was it 11/11.. it was 11/11/11! OMG! Super freaking Pepero day! And for my first grade class it was made even more exciting since Fridays are always pony tail days for us, so this friday was Super Pepero and Ponytails Day! (Kevin Oh jumped in the picture with all the girls with ponytails, total photo bomb!)

And one of my 2nd grade classes almost made me cry when I walked in the room and they had covered my podium with gifts that included not only Pepero but other chocolates and a card from one of the student thanking me for teaching her. Awwwwwwwwww…. Yesterday one of my boy students (in the same class)  gave me an Angry Bird pin and said thank you for teaching him! I must be doing something right!

Overall it was a good day except now my belly hurts from all the Pepero! I have so much leftover that I won’t feel the need to buy Pepero for a looonnnggg time.


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