30 Days of Pictures/October

I decided to start doing the 30 day challenge where you find something new or change something and try it out for 30 days. You can see a short video on it here: http://www.ted.com/talks/matt_cutts_try_something_new_for_30_days.html

I decided to do something easy for October and did a 30 days of pictures challenge. I thought this would be cool to look back at one year from now when I am back in the States. I decided for November I am going to do 30 days of Yoga. I am not sure what I am doing for the upcoming months yet!

Day 29: Halloween
 in Busan.

So here is 30 days of pictures (backwards)!

Some of these are not in order but blogger was being testy with my pictures…

Day 31 October 31: 
Halloween themed first
Day 30: Rummy: Day one.
Day 27: Elevators with TV’s
Day 28: My Office-tel.
Day 26: Chips in
 a Cup!
Day 25: A room full of 2nd
 grade zombies.

Day 24: October 24: There
 is always a festival
 of some sort going on!

Day 23: Dyno Meat!

 Day 22: This is a street
 food restaurant.
 The name… I have no
 idea why.
Day 21: The military.

 Day 20: On October 16, 2011
 Zackery James Everhart
 died.  This was the
 announcement of his
 memorial service. 
Day 19: Killing time during
break and trying to catch
 some Angry Birds!

Day 18: Juk

 Day 17: The fall colors
 have arrived.

Day 16: The best 
 drinking supply.
Day 14: Our favorite Italian
 food place. Nilli’s

Day 15: A night out in Itaewon
trying hookah for the
 first time.

Day 13: On the way to work
 there were a bunch of older
 people having a dance off!
Day 12: A recycling bin that
 includes spots for things
 like buttons and scissors.
Day 11: Typical subway

Day 10: Common site all over
Korea;  someone sleeping
(passed out?)  on a bench.

Day 9: Prescriptions are
wrapped  individually  for the
day. You  are usually given
three days of  pills and you 
have no idea what they are.

Day 8: The HBC Music Fest is
full of foreigner bands
and lasted well
 past midnight for us
Day 7: The giant flacid
 penis statue I see everyday
 on my way to work.


Day 6: One of the first grade
classes I teach.

Day 5: The walk to work

Day 4: The fitniess,
 I mean fitness, center
 I work out at.
Day 3: Where I live.
 Metro Khan

Day 2: An elephant at the
 Jinju lantern festival.

Day 1: On our way to Jinju for
 the lantern festival


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