Beat up by a Thai Chick

On Saturday I was completely and thoroughly beat up by a Thai chick, and I liked it! After an awesome day shopping with Mandi and then meeting Angela for dinner we decided to go get a Thai massage. This would be my first ever, they had both been many times.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect since I didn’t even think of researching what it was before I went. So I went in with no expectations.

It started off innocently enough. We changed into the provided clothing, and then went into a quiet room to have our feet washed. After that we were led to a room with padded mats (three to a room which worked out perfectly) where we laid down on our backs awaiting the masseuses. The chick I got was a little Thai chick and she went right to work on my feet. She pushed, prodded, massaged, twisted and cracked my feet and toes. After that she moved up to my lower legs and ankles where she did the same with a few punches and slaps thrown in (for real). Next thing I knew she was kneeling on my thighs pressing hard on the pressure points with her knees. That was just the beginning, my body was twisted and turned, and cracked and rearranged while she twisted and turned her body to use her whole body to do the massage. at one point she had one of my legs in her hands as she was facing me and her feet were pushing on my inner thigh to stretch my leg and deeply massage the muscles. After the legs it was the arms and shoulders and then face and neck.

After the front of my body was thoroughly beat up I turned over to have the same and more done to my back. She used elbows, knees and feet to massage me from head to toe on the back. She walked on my back and cracked it (ahhhhhhhhh!) She also did a deep tissue massage on my neck and shoulders. (AHHHHHHH!) We also signed up for the oil massage so our limbs and back were massaged with oil as well. If she would have ended it with a hard fast punch to the face I wouldn’t have been surprised. But luckily it ended with something a little more tame.

After all that she had me sit up and she put me in a ton of yoga poses and she used her body weight to twist and pull me into the various positions. .I felt like every single muscle in my body was deeply massaged and it felt awesome!

Cost of the massage: $65,000 Won
Length of time: One hour and 30 minutes
Would I do it again? HELL YEAH. I plan to go after every pay day.

It was a totally painful but refreshing experience and my body felt awesome afterward.


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