Had a great weekend! It started off when we (Mandi, Angela, Lisa, and me) all met in front of the building in order to catch the subway by 7am. We made it to the express bus terminal wth plenty of time to catch the tour bus and meet up with Jamie who I had met on the Jeju trip who was coming with us. The bus was full (around 45 of us) and the drive was loooooonnnnnnggggg. But it was worth it when we got there because the sun was shiny and the cool clear water was beckoning. We lazed around our room a bit and then headed down to the beach.

After laying out a bit I joined some other the other people farm the bus for a game of volleyball. We played for a long time without keeping score, just having fun! As it got darker we hung out on the beach drinking beer, watching fireworks, listening to music, and playing cards.

We then headed over to the mini fair there and rode the Viking ship. I loved it! The other people with me were scared but I had a blast! We played some of the fair games and then went for some fried chicken. We then called it a night.

The next morning we slept in before heading down to the beach to layout before we headed out.

Next stop…. zipline!  It was so much fun! I wasn’t nervous at all and had fun waving to all the kids in the water below.

We hopped on the bus and headed home. We expected to be home in around two to three hours and it ended up taking six hours with all the traffic and an accident along the way!. All in all it was an awesome weekend!


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