Korean Doctor Visit

I went to the doctors today because I have had trouble sleeping. This is the process for visiting with a Korean doctor. I was told of a place near my school where the doctor speaks English. This is very important info for us foreigners and is valuable.

My co-worker Andrew and I left early so we could get lunch afterward because the doctors office is closed from 1pm to 2pm for lunch (I start work at 2PM). We got to the doctors office and the front desk guy spoke English. He asked for my ARC (Alien Registration Card) and asked me to fill out my phone number on a form. All of my info is on my ARC and my insurance is stored there as well. Paperwork complete!

I sat down to wait and waited less then three minutes before I was called back.
I sat down with the doctor, who was waiting for me. Yes, the doctor was waiting for me. I didn’t have to sit in a room and wait 15-20 minutes for a doctor to show up in the room.

I explained to the doctor that I was having trouble sleeping. He said okay, here is a prescription for Ambien for 10 days. If it works, come back in 10 days and I will prescribe you more. If not, we will try something else. He also said, be careful this can be addicting. Don’t drink coffee at night and don’t sleep during the day.
He also wrote down the name of some Korean lettuce (in Korean) that I am supposed to get and eat at night with rice. The lettuce is supposed to help me sleep.

The visit with the doctor took around 5-6 minutes. I went to the front desk and paid my bill of W3700. Under $4.00. I then went to the pharmacy and handed over my prescription, had it filled immediately and was charged W2800. Under $3.00.

Fast service with no run-around for very little money. I really like Korean helthcare. πŸ™‚

Also, I saw this sign while we were wandering around looking for somewhere to eat. I loved the translation. πŸ™‚


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