Day Three on Jeju Island: Loveland and Lava Tunnel.

On Day Three on Jeju, Jamie and I decided to go to Loveland. We took the bus to Jeju City with no problems (like a 40 minute ride) and when we got there we transferred onto a local bus to take us to Loveland. There were a few foreigners on there so we guessed this was the correct bus! We were grabbing some water and Jamie was having to find her money so I went out to make sure the bus didnt take off. The bus driver kept yelling at me to get on and I kept saying I was waiting for my friend, and he kept yelling at me to get on. Finally I got on and kept looking to make sure Jamie was coming and the bus driver kept telling me to sit down.

When Jamie showed up he was yelling at her to get on. Finally we were all settled and on the bus, so what does the bus driver do? He goes outside and decided to smoke a cigarette. Grrrrr.  Soon the bus was off. We traveled for around 20 or 30 minutes before the bus driver stopped and gestured for us to get off. He kept yelling back at us to “back, back” we didn’t know what he meant, if he wanted us to sit down or if he wanted Jamie’s backpack! Finally we figured out he passed Loveland and we needed to walk back to where it was. Wow, thanks Mr. Bus Driver.

So a bunch of us get off the bus and start walking and continue walking, and walk some more. We finally stopped at a place and I threw out one of my handy dandy Korean phrases I have learned, “Do you speak English” young-uh hal-su it-sum-ni-ka? Luckily there was a customer there that spoke English and they were able to translate and give us directions so we were on our way again.

On the way there we stopped at a stand where a guy was selling hats to look at them and this is where I ran into my first pervert outside of the subway. They guy was pointing at my chest and saying “Hungry!” and making sucking noises. “sigh”  We just smiled and moved on.

So we finally made it to Loveland. Here are some of the pics. There were TONS of them and you can find them all HERE. You can even see where I was MAULED by one of the statues!

After Loveland we found a taxi and took it back to the bus terminal. It was actually pretty cheap and the taxi driver was super talkative. Once we got there Jamie and I said goodbye since she was heading the the airport and I needed to find the bus back to the pension. After going to the counter numerous times trying to say where I was staying. I fianlly looked up the address of another hostel I knew was in the area and showed that address, in Korean, to the lady. She then sold me a ticket on the bus I needed. Finally!

On the bus ride home I heard the announcemnt for the lava tunnel and decided to hop out and go see that. Live in the moment! I started walking and a taxi pulled up and asked if I needed a ride, I found out how much (2000 Won) and hopped in. I am sooo glad I did. It was about 10 minutes away and walking in the heat would have taken forever.

When I got to the tunnel I adjusted my long skirt and tied it in a knot to make it a short skirt because it was so freaking hot. The best part about the lava tunnel was that it was soooooooo cold. Like freezing, icecycle cold. It was so awesome. The worse part of it was that the floor was made up of uneven lavea rocks and covered in slippery water. Since I was wearing flipflops this proved to be quite an adventure.

After I left the tunnel I went outside and sat on a bench and talked to my mom on Skype. As we were chatting I noticed security guards and taxi drivers sitting all around me. After i got off the phone one of the mimiced my goodbye and we started talking. I explained to them where I needed to go andf they said they would help me out. The taxi drivers that were sitting there couldn’t take me since they were hired for hte day and had to wait for their passengers to come out of the tunnel.

I sat back and relaxed and after around 45 minutes we found a driver. No rush. I just said the area and said Beachy and off we went.

The whole day was a great adventure!

The next day I spent relaxing with my new friend
Jessica. She was sore from her nine hour hike the day before and I was worn out and feeling the start of a cold coming on. We hung out at the beach, swam, wandered through the tide pools, helped some ladies collect snails, watched the filming of the reality show that had come back, and watched some awesome K-Dramas on TV. Awesome relaxing day.

The next day I was up at 530 AM to catch the bus back to Jeju City and back home.

Oh! On the bus to the bus terminal a Korean girl leaned over and asked me where I was going. Turns out she was heading to the airport too and wanted to share a cab. Woo hoo! My cab ride went from 2000 Won to 1000 Won 🙂


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