First full day on Jeju Island: Snorkeling, Reality Shows, Jjigae, and a Sunburn.

Great first full day on Jeju Island. Me and my new friend, Jamie, started the day on the beach. First we grabbed some coffee at a tiny stand that had its own cat.

We then headed to the beach to put a canopy up and enjoy the weather and watching the waves until we decided to hop in the water. That is the pension we are staying at in the background.

We had a great time snorkeling and seeing all the fish and the amazing light green translucent seaweed. It look just like the seaweed you find on ju mak bap so we decided to nibble a little on it. It tasted like seaweed! (Duh) We also got to swim with the fishes (not permanently).

They weren’t scared at all and we just swam around with them. It was amazing.

It then started sprinkling so we packed up our stuff and went for lunch for some soondubo jjigae! This is one of my favorite dishes along with kimchi jjigae. Mom, it is a tofu and seafood, spicy stew, you would love it! We then went back to the beach for more snorkeling and laying out and I got soooo burnt!

Also a film crew showed up and we found out they were filming a reality show.  Kind of like real world korea, it is called Jak! One of the guys on the show came over and chatted with us after and explained how they have the cameras on them 24/7.

One of the chicks was wearing high heels, in the sand.

I felt sorry for her because she kept tottering all over the place as her heels were sinking into the wet sand but she refused to remove them.

We ended the day by going to dinner for some of the famous Jeju black pig and everyone decided we should climb sunset crater, at midnight.

Sunset Crater is HUGE and took me a while to get to the top…. in complete darkness. We then hung around up there singing songs and a couple hours later climbed back down, in the pitch black. Scary!

We then went to check out the fishing boats that we could see from the top of the crater and they seemed fine with us hanging out and checking out the catch as they were unloading it. Great day!  Tomorrow….. Udo Island and renting scooters. 🙂

One last thing. On the flight over the flight attendants came out with ears on and got the whole plane involved in a rousing game of rock/paper/scissors for prizes. I didn’t win. 😦


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