Week Twenty Four

 “Active Evil is better than Passive Good.”  William Blake

Taylor and I played volleyball this week with a sports group she found on Facebook. It was just an open court kind of thing and we had a blast!  We played for like three hours and Taylor got some gnarly bruises on her forearms, I just got a tiny one on the fleshy part of my right hand thumb. I will just have to play more hardcore next time! We want to try and go each week if they will have us, if not, we will just have to find other sports groups to join up with!

Afterward we were starving so we went home and cleaned up and then went out for meat (BBQ).  We had both pork and beef and both were delicious and I am not sure which one I like better… maybe the pork.  We also had bamboo soju and it was sweet and yummy and in a bamboo shaped pitcher, of course. And what is in the white bowl in the front of the picture? Onions. Raw onions. For some reason I can eat the raw onions when they are soaked in the wasabi like juice they provide. Yes. I ate raw onions after a lifetime of hating them. I still can’t eat them any other way except in that wasabi sauce. But I ate tone of them. While we were eating (which is like a hour or two long process) Taylor was teaching me different Korean words and I was able to ask for the scissors to cut the meat and the server was very pleased I was able to (and so was I, I am such a  goof). I am a pro at asking for things now!

The next day John joined us for some Pho and then we went to the movies to see Super Eight. Great movie, very reminiscent of Goonies. Outside of the building where the theater is, is this statue that is… interesting. It is like a naked family holding on to each other to make a circle and the child looks like he is grabbing his dads bum.  Yeah, interesting.

Another great weekend in Korea. Oh, some sad news though. The power cord for my laptop died. I have to try and find one here or order one from somewhere and I will have to blog via my phone and work computer until I can find one. 😦 And that means no movies and TV shoes to watch at home either. Back to doing lots of reading and wandering the streets at night!

Really loving it here. I love getting out and doing stuff and making some great friends and I am really starting to enjoy the food here know that I have tried more stuff.

Oh! And I sent postcards out. I hope everyone I sent them to lets me know when they get them!


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