Week Twenty Three

If you deliberately plan on being less than you are capable of being, then I warn you that you’ll be unhappy for the rest of your life. – Abraham Maslow

It is so easy to take for granted certain things in life. I have only had a matress pad since I got here and every mornign when I wake up it is on the floor since I am such a restless sleeper. I finally found some sheets or ‘matress cover’ and it only cost me 35,000 won. 35 bucks for one fitted sheet! but I have to tell you…. it is worth it. I also got a huge pillow and a light blanket. I now sleep in comfort!

I finally got money transferred this week. The guy helping me had a little confusino with it because he was looking it up via my passport number but I guess my info was under my ARC number. I had to run back and forth to the bank during my breaks because he was taking so long. But I did it, got money transffered back to the states to cover my bills. Too bad the exchange rate sucks right now. My money is worth a lot more here.
Hannah, John, and Craig and I went out for some yummy Seafood Tofu soup. It was soooo good. The soup is still bubling like mad when it got to the table (I think you can see the steam and bubbling in the picture) and then you crack an egg in it and it cooks while in the ceramic bowl. You also get a bowl of rice cooked in a ceramic bowl so when you scrape it off the sides it is all crunchy. Yum!
And then we we got to work on Monday John and I found Hannah and Craig had taken off. They didn’t show up at work and then management got an email saying they weren’t coming in. This sucks for us since with two teachers down we have to scramble to cover the classes. đŸ˜¦ Lame. Even if they were leaving they should have gave some sort of notice.
I went with Jules and John for Mexican food and it was pretty good. Nothing like what I can find in AZ though!

And then we went out and played darts. I was doing good! I will be a pro by the time I get home!

That about covers it for this week. Oh, I also put up some more decorations on my walls (butterflies)!


One thought on “Week Twenty Three

  1. Wow. Midnight runners?! Are the conditions bad that they felt they needed to leave, or were they just flaky? Glad you can sleep comfortably. My bed is hard as a rock!

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