Week Twenty Two

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes. — Marcel Proust

It has been an awesome week and I have kept really busy going out and doing stuff. First things first, I finally got my alien registration card! Woo hoo! And since I got my card I was able to get a bank account and a new phone! I really like my phone, it is a Samsung Galaxy S II. I brought along a couple of coworkers that spoke Korean so I am pretty sure I got a good deal on it. The phone didn’t cost anything and then I pay 65000 W a month for unlimited Internet and 400 texts and 400 minutes. That is actually way cheaper then I pad in the states! Oh yeah, and I also got a free towel. Yes, very random.

Friday night after work I hung out with some coworkers outside the GS and we pushed together a bunch of tables and more foreigners came and joined us and we played a rousing game of ‘flip cup’. We ended up playing girls against boys and the girls won seven games in a row. The boys won zero. We considered taking our female team on the road and having a traveling flip cup team. After that we hit Happidus for some darts. I am really getting into dart playing. I love it.

The next day Jules and I went to Itaewon where we spent the whole day shopping and walking around. Itaewon is a huge area that caters to foreigners a lot. We ran into a couple of girls that Jules knew, one a derby chick. It really is a small country, it is easy to run into people you know all over the place. After shopping we stopped at a pub where I had fish and chips. Yum!

Oh, and also we stopped a store that had foreigner food and I found a Diet Dr. Pepper and discovered that soon there will be no more Cheez-it’s in Korea!

And on the subway ride home there was a very friendly drunken Korean man that kept trying to talk to us. He was very insistent and kept waving his hand in front of us to try and get our attention.

Sunday Jules and I went to a JimJilBang (Korean Bathhouse) and that was quite the experience! First you pay a fee to get in (ours was 8000 won), then you step into a room where you take of your shoes and put them in a locker and take the key from the locker to a desk where they exchange your key for another key (for a locker) and also give you a few towels and a shorts and shirt set (pepto pink colored).

Then you proceed to your locker and get naked. Next step was the showers. You step into the water area and wash off really good and then get in one of the pool. You have to make sure if you have long hair you put it up. I got reprimanded for not doing that and luckily I had a hair tie and was able to pull it up. There were a bunch of pools of various temps. I think I managed to go in all of them. The really hot one felt soooo good. The cold one was VERY cold. There are also saunas you can go into but they were so hot that when I stepped into the room I couldn’t breathe. I don’t know how people do that.

After soaking a while I went over to the scrub area where I had my body completely and totally scrubbed down by an ajumma in black lace underwear (not sure why their uniform is black lace). It was one of the best experiences ever. They scrub down every single part of your body over and over and pull of tons of dead skin and hidden dirt. Afterward your skin is super super soft.

Next we went back into the locker area and put on our shorts and shirt and wandered around the other areas. There was an awesome massage chair that we used that cost 1000 W and one for your feet, too, that was also 1000W. Definitely worth the equivalent to around $1 each! There were also these cool sleeping areas that you could lay down in that looked like caves. I crawled into the amethyst one (some kind of purple stone like thing)  that was really neat. We also got some orange juice and then went up on the roof and just relaxes. It is a really good experience and I wouldn’t mind doing that every week!

After that relaxing few hours we went back to the strip near my place and stopped at Chicken & Beer for lunch where we had… chicken and beer! Fried chicken in Korea rocks my freakin’ socks off! It is soooo yummy.

I discovered my camera has a cool setting called cartoon so after taking a few pics with it Jules and I decided we needed to have ‘The Adventures of Kiki a
nd Jules” and shoot everything in this cartoon mode.

After filling up on chicken and beer we went to Central Park but first ran into a friend of Jules who just happened to live in the same building I do and then we all went to the Park. We stayed there forever just chatting and chatting. We are all around the same age so it is nice to have lots to talk about. We then went to Happidus to hang out (and have another beer) and play some more darts (!).

It was overall just an awesome weekend.


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