Week Twenty One

Get busy living, or get busy dying. – Stephen King

So I was definitely busy living this week. At school I was busy. busy, busy because it was monthly testing as well as monthly comments. We had to give the monthly tests to all the middle school  school kids and write comments for all the students. I think I had about 100 or so students I had to write about three to four sentences of comments for. Lots of busy work.

But I saved some time for actually teaching, too! My second grade classes may look like they are engrossed in what I was teaching in Science but in actuality I introduced them to something even more interesting. We were learning about water pollution so what better learning tool then…. Captain Planet!

We watched the episode called “Old River Ma” and they loved it. Each class gave each student a part to play and they really got into it. You can see them holding up their hands getting ready to call for Captain Planet. One kid even brought a ring in the next day that he showed me and said it was his fire ring. Every class I now get to hear… “Let’s watch Captain Planet!” They also asked lots of questions too which was great since it meant they were learning 🙂

We also took time for ourselves and after work stopped at a GS25 Family Mart to have a beer.

Saturday I wandered around the sidewalk swap meet by Central Park where the whole street is shut off so the whole neighborhood can basically have a garage sale. I love this idea and wish it was done everywhere!

Even the kids set up an area to sell their Yugi-Oh cards.

There are always interesting sites to see around Central Park like this dog with it’s ears and tail dyed yellow.

I stopped and got some street food and picked up some spicy chicken on a stick and some fried squid. Yum!

Later that day I decided to start putting up some decals on my wall to pretty up the place. I absolutely love this one I choose. I can’t wait to finish the whole wall. I am not sure what else I am going to put up, but this vinyl only cost 6500 W which is around 6 bucks American.

Later that night I was wandering around and ran into Daniella and her friend Olga and we had ice cream and then walked around Central park where there was this cool birdhouse display.

Busy Saturday!

The next day I got up early and went for a long walk (I ended up logging around 18000 + steps. I walked around the coliseum and saw where the Anyang Halla plays. Everytime I see that sign I want to yell “Holla to my peeps!”

 As I was walking along the river I saw this display of a bunch of columns with various pens and pencils on it.

And since it was hot and my feet were sore I sat and relaxed by dipping my feet in the water!

Julianna and I decided to meet up for some dinner so I hopped on the subway to head to her ‘hood which was two subways stops away and the subway was packed!

I finally got to have Korean BBQ and it was GOOD! I can’t wait to have it again!

So it was a busy busy, fun-filled weekend. Just as I like it!


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