Week Twenty

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “Let’s party!”โ€ ~Robin Williams

The beginning of the week totally dragged on, but, I think it was because I was sick from that damn yellow dust again (curse you China!). I did finally make my way to a pharmacy (they are all over the place once you recognize the hangol for it, and I now do!) 
I walked into the pharmacy with my trusty Korean handbook of useful phrases and words with the words for cough and congestion ready and after reciting the phrase that hopefully sounded something like “I need something for a cough”, I was happy to see the pharmacist understood me. 
After a few minutes of pantomiming symptoms etc… she started throwing English words into the conversation, eventually the conversation was completely in English. LOL I think she was just helping me out and letting me try to speak Korean. ๐Ÿ™‚ She was real helpful and got me my meds and told me to find out my medical number since it will cost less then the 10000 won it cost me that day. And here I was thinking 10 bucks was a damn good price! She also asked me if I wanted herbal medicine as well and I said, of course! So I ended up with a bunch of stuff that I had no idea what it was. I took it as instructed and after a couple of days I felt so much better!

This week I also discovered (thanks to my coworkers Hannah and Craig) a tasty meal that is a rice ball covered in seaweed and filled with tuna. It is super yummy and there is a place on the way to school where I can stop and get one (which I plan to do every single workday). They are really portable, filling, and easy to eat and did I mention yummy?!
I made it out to roller derby practice this weekend and had a blast! My new friend Jules met me at the bus stop and we took the bus into Seoul together. 
I had a pretty tough workout at the rink even though I don’t have my skates yet. We did a bunch of exercises and drills and then some yoga. 
Afterward, Jules and I took the bus back home to get cleaned up and then Jules met me at the subway and we took the subway back into Seoul. 
I think the station was in Itaewon? And it was a huge station with many levels.  
We started walking and ended up in HBC (well we didn’t just ‘end up’, we were specifically going there!) Where there was a huge festival going on. It felt like spring break in Mexico, minus the beach and bikini’s. This 2009 article about it describes it well with the words; Beer, Music, and Hookers.
There were people everywhere. There were also a lot of police holding the crowds back so traffic could get through. We saw some cool rock and punk shows where the rooms were so packed you couldn’t move. I had a chili cheese dog and fries as well since the neighborhood is very foreigner friendly with it’s restaurants.
I also ran into a bunch of teachers from my school, and found out one of the teachers was the drummer in the second band we watched. After talking to tons of people and drinking tons of beer called Alley Kat, we met up with some other roller derby chicks and then moved on to an Irish pub. 
While there we drank Guiness and chatted wtih almost every single person in the room spreading the roller derby word and sticking stickers on everyone. 
After the pub we walked more (up and down lots of hills) and went to a bday party 80’s style at a gay bar and with a drag queeen. We had so much fun dancing to the 80’s music and just being silly. Finally, it was around two a.m. and Jules and I decided to head home. 
We stopped at this little take away place where we got something that was super yummy. It was chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, tzaziki, and hot sauce rolled in a tortilla. We then hopped in a cab and headed home. 
It was an awesome night though I woke up the next day completely sore. It must of have something to do with the workout and then the 17000 + steps I got before midnight and the 4000+ steps I got after midnight! 

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