Week 17.1: Food

This week my new friend Danielle took me out to my first Korean restaurant. The food choices were written on plaques on the wall, and in Korean, of course. I asked Danielle to just choose something. We ended up having spicy cold noodles and some super yummy dumplings that were huge and I had had in a soup before from the delivery place we use at work. It also came with some sort of tea beforehand that tasted like broth from a soup I have had before. It was a really good meal!

A couple of other interesting food tidbits. I have felt my diet has been sorely lacking in the vege department, so while at Home Plus this weekend I picked up a salad. Since forks are a rarity around these parts I ate it with chopsticks. Yep, ate a salad with chopsticks.

Also, the delivery lace we use at work always includes these containers of sides with our meals that have interesting things in them. Sometimes mustard covered mini hotdogs, baby spicy shrimp, gelatinous rice cakes, pickled quail eggs, kimchi (always), and other strange but surprisingly good things.


5 thoughts on “Week 17.1: Food

  1. The rice cakes actually weren't too bad. But I still haven't come across anything that makes me think "OMG, Korea has the best food, evah!" But there is still lots to try!

  2. We have to do the barbecue….All my friends that have visited or been stationed there drool when they talk about the barbecue! Can't wait to try it! 🙂

  3. Yes Renee is right !! BBQ, samgyupsal !! OMG it is sooo freakin good !! And kinda fun cooking the food yourself while chatting away with your friends.

  4. I've never even been a vegetable person, and I crave veggies here. It just doesn't seem like you get enough here.And I LOVE the ricecakes. Especially when they are in a sweet chili kind of sauce.

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