Week Seventeen

To wish to be well is a part of becoming well. ~ Seneca (Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD)

So I didn’t do much this week since I was sick, but I did get some pictures of various things. First I went to Home Plus and picked up a few things as I mentioned before. 

Inside the shop there are TV’s on various shelves. I think they advertise stuff, I am not sure. 

Also, all the stores are built multi levels rather than flat so you have to ride an escalator with your cart. I heard the Costco around here is seven floors and the carts lock into place when you get on the escalator, I will have to find out! 

Next on the way home I stopped at a walking path and sat under a rainbow colored shelter.

The next day I decided to look around the seventh floor where I live and I came across these paintings on the walls between floors; pretty cool.

One of the days I also went on a long walk and came across a few things. First, there is exercise equipment everywhere. Not only in Central Park, but also in small parks next to the various apartments. 

At one of the entrances to Central Park I came across a sign showing what stretches to do before exercising.

I also found a tank of eels in front of one of the stores.

This is the street right below my apartment at night. Same shot as the one I showed in the daytime last week, except this is from the other end and at night.

Gift from Tony

Thursday, one of my second grade students, Tony, brought a gift for me. He said his mom said to give it to me. It was a package of crackers. 

Cindy, Minnie, (I forgot)
James, Brian, Jun

Kids like to bring their teachers gifts all the time. Wednesday one of the students brought one of my coworkers a pack of muffins. Some of the gifts are really random, but food is ALWAYS appreciated by the teachers!

And last but not least. Thursday afternoon I had to get some pictures taken for my medical and ARC card. This was an interesting experience since one, they didn’t mention before I left that I would need to bring five billion pictures for every form I filled out. So anyone who is heading over that hasn’t left yet, bring extra pictures for your paperwork. The ones they used on my medical were tiny, like 1.5 inch by 1.5 inch, but I am sure you can just bring extra passport size photos. But it was also an interesting experience because after taking those pictures he had me pose like it was for a senior picture or something, facing to the side, turn one shoulder that way, big smile etc. I guess he had to take some extra pictures since it cost me 15,000 won so he went all out.

Friday, Daniel, one of the counselors here, showed up to take me for my medical exam. He also wanted to get my heater looked at since it hasn’t been working, so we went down to the maintenance office and they sent someone to meet us to go look at it right then. We got to my room and after they messed with the heater and for the billionth time explained to me how to work it and I explained for the billionth time that I have tried all that and it was working, the maintenance guy looked under the sink and found a package. I had seen the package and didn’t know what it was for, but it turns out it was the thingy-ma-jobber that controls the electrical thingy that tells the thermostat it should be working. Anyway, he got that hooked up and it is working great now. Before leaving, they once again explained how it works and then the maintenance guy told Daniel that I should go down to maintenance and let them know if I have any other problems. Yeah, that will be fin since they don’t speak English and I don’t speak Korea. Daniel joked and said they probably have a book of translations. I said that will go real well as we spend hours translating back and forth just to say the toilet doesn’t work or something! 

Oh! That reminds me. My new friend Danielle had asked me if anything in Korea has surprised me yet, I have to say the lack of personal space still surprises me every time. That picture shows Daniel and the maintenance guy standing super close as they look at the thermostat. People tend to naturally gravitate into each others space as they stand still.

After that was done we headed off to the medical center to get my medical tests done. The process there is kind of funny because they have a station for each thing. First you take a number and wait (I only had to wait like 4 minutes) The first station I was sent to was number four to give urine and blood. Next I was sent to station six where I did a hearing test and they measured my chest. Why did they measure my chest? No frickin’ idea. Next I was sent to station eight where they did a chest Xray. Then I was sent to station two for two eye tests, one for color blindness and the other for vision and to have my weight and height checked (lost five pound!). 

Finally I was sent to the doctor so he could ask me questions and give me feedback and what they had so far. This whole deal cost 120,000 won. This kind of sucks since I barely have any money left and I don’t get paid until the 10th, and it is only around two weeks’ worth. It is going to be a tight month and a half!

Last night it rained and there was tons of thunder and lightning, it was awesome! I miss seeing lightening, in WA you don’t get to see it! It was one of the things from AZ I missed in WA. As I sat by the window looking down seven stories to the street I realized, I am not afraid of heights! I knew I wasn’t, but it was cool to sit that high up without and worries.

That’s it for now. I am still sick as a dog and am only going to wander out for short walks and to go to E-Mart to get some groceries for the next week. I need to rest so I can get better, being sick is a drag!

I guess I ended up doing more this week then I thought I did! Also, I need to start writing more blogs throughout the week so I don’t have massive ones at the end of the week!


3 thoughts on “Week Seventeen

  1. Thanks guys. It is amazing what you see when you have to rely on your own two feet for transportation. Though, when I get paid I might actually venture out on the bus or KTX and see what else is out there! :)I am having a blast doing this and glad you guys are enjoying reading about it 🙂

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