Week 16.1: Sick as a dog

Just a quick update so my family and friends don’t think I have disappeared off the face of the earth… things are going good. The adjustment has been slow, the language barrier is a hard thing to overcome and I find myself not speaking when out in public a lot of the time. Which, to the people who know me, that is a strange thing!

I have also been really sick the last few days. I think it is a sinus infection, but not knowing how to find a doctor or pharmacy I have had to do things the old fashioned way, lots of water, hot tea, ricola lozenges, and hot showers. I lost my voice yesterday and today it is still mostly gone. And when I say gone I mean gone as in I can barely squeak any noise out! As a teacher that really sucks since I kind of have to speak to teach! Luckily I can get the kids to read most of it but I still have to give feedback etc.

This weekend I will update on some of the things I have seen. Even being sick I forced my self to go out walking a bit and shopping at Home Plus. And in a couple of weeks I will talk more about what the teaching and students are like.

By the way, where the heck does the phrase “sick as a dog” come from?


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