Week Fifteen

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” Jack Kerouac

The last couple of days have been a whirlwind. Friday, all day, was spent in training. Another teacher, Jacob, and I had our brains filled to the brim with all the learning. POLY is a little different from some hagwons in the sense that they don’t just teach English, they also teach a bunch of other subjects like, Science, Math, Social Sciences, Reading, Writing, Debate, Math, and any other subject kids in North American schools learn. We spent the majority of the day learning about the elementary school program and  all the books and programs POLY uses.

Because along with the books (which are books from a North American publishing company as well as POLY’s R&D created books), POLY also uses a e-learning program. There are about three different programs online they have created and use and I can tell you from my experience taking e-learning course they are really well done.

After spending the whole day learning about the individual programs, classes, what is taught, how it is taught, when it is taught, messing around with the online programs, we were told we were also going to go over the M-POLY program, which is for middle school and specifically go over the Science program since I will be teaching science to middle school students. Woo Hoo! I am super excited about that, teaching Science will be a blast!

This is even more exciting then I thought it would be. When I started this journey I thought I would be teaching little kids how to speak English, I didn’t realize that I would actually get to teach a bunch of other subjects to students who have already been studying English and are very proficient in it.

So that was the end of Friday’s training. Oh yeah, also I had to put together a 10 minute course on a specific subject from the science book and present it on Saturday. When we got back to our hotel, Jeremy had picked up our Visas and dropped them off at the front desk. It is all official!

Saturday we gathered all of our bags and piled them in the car and went back to the POLY offices to do a little more training that consisted of giving our 10 minute presentations (I didn’t do that bad!) and learning a bit about Korean history and culture.

After that we headed off to the airport where I cruised through security. I removed my jacket this time, I didn’t want to tempt fate . My coworker got a full body scan, he forgot a bottle of water in his bag, see.. tempting fate! We hopped on the train and got to the gate. I am getting ready to board now, so the next post will be whenever I can get Internet or an Internet cafe (PC bang) to post in Korea.

Asiana Airlines Flight Attendants
cruising by quickly!

See ya!


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