Week 14.1: The Adventure Begins

All the luggage that I will use for the
next year! Sideways for some reason
and blogger won’t let me flip it around!

And so it begins. My adventure began bright and early today as I arrived at the airport at (around) 6:30 AM for my flight that leaves at 7:30 A.M.  My mom came into the airport with me just in case my two huge bags went over the 50lb weight limit, even though I had weighed them over and over and move stuff around until they were just barely under the weight according to my moms bathroom scale. The gods were on my side as the bags weighed in at 49.5 and 50.4. The ticket agent let that .4 slide since I think he was impressed with my packing skills. He mentioned that I was sure getting my moneys worth.

I said my goodbyes to my mom and headed to the security checkpoint where there was barely a line. After I hoisted my two packed to the gills carry on bags, removed my computer from the bag and stuck my shoes on the conveyor belt I went through the metal detector only to have to go off. I was thinking it at first it was form the metal in my leg but then realized I left my phone in my pocket. OOPS! Smooth sailing through it after that. Oh, and I also kept my sweater on as I went through it. Score one for sticking it to hte man! Speaking of sweaters, I left my heavy sweater in my moms car. But it wouldn’t be a long distance trip without forgetting something, I would rather it be that then my passport!

The flight over was good. It wasn’t that packed so I asked the attendant if I could move to the emergency row and she was okay with that. Everyone was super friendly and talkative, or maybe I was being super friendly and talkative! The women on my right was from Atlanta and had a son in the Marines serving in Japan. The boy (man) on my left across the aisle was in the Marines and heading to his first tour of duty in Japan as he was fresh from his MOS school in 29 Palms (He is a data specialist), and coincidentally enough he also was from Atlanta! I should let my friend Renee know that her Atlanta people are slowly taking over the world! We chatted a lot and then as we were disembarking the row ahead of us wanted us to go ahead of them as a way of saying thanks for serving (to the Marine and us moms of soldiers and Marines, thanks Z!)

The hotel room in Kirkland

Getting my luggage was uneventful, they both had a nice bright HEAVY tag on them. I called Jeremy and he said Chang would be waiting right outside for me and there is another teacher who just arrived as well. The other teachers name is Jacob and he is on his second teaching gig in Korea. We went straight to the consulate and it took all of ten seconds to hand them our paperwork and passport and we were done. No interview needed.We were then dropped off at our hotel in Kirkland and will begin training tomorrow. Now I just need to get a hold of Christa to see if her and the family want to hang out tonight!


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