Week Thirteen

“Do not seek to have events happen as you want them to, but instead want them to happen as they do happen, and your life will go well”  Epictetus (Greek philosopher associated with the Stoics, AD 55-c.135)

The contract has been signed! Here is what led up to the momentous event. First I received an email from Korea Poly School checking in with me to see how the process was going and where I was with it. I wrote back saying it wasn’t and that I had cancelled my appointment previously because I was taking another offer. I then said that I was still interested and were they still interested in speaking with me.

They got back to me pretty fast saying they were interested in talking to me. Jeremy from their American office called me and was getting ready to set up a Skype interview with me when I mentioned that I live in WA right now. He was surprised about that and then I realized he probably saw my AZ number and I didn’t put an address on my resume. We ended up setting a time for me to come in and talk to him later that day since the office was in Bellevue which is real close. 

I went in and spoke to Jeremy and ended up staying there for about an hour while he asked me a bunch of standard questions off of a list. I really think the in person interview helped a lot since he was able to see my awesome personality! He showed me some of the books they use as well and talked about the curriculum. Afterward he said “I like you Christene and I don’t think you even need to speak to the director, I will speak to her myself” or something to that effect. I then went home to wait. 

He emailed me the next day saying the director wanted to go ahead and Skype with me to at least see me and say hi. Also he sent me the address to send my paperwork in. I felt good about this school and could hear Renee on my shoulder saying “Do it, make a decision!” So I prepared my paperwork and sent it via FedEx to Korea for visa processing. Jeremy got back to me later saying the director had to go in for back surgery but someone from the corporate office in Seoul wanted to Skype with me. So we set that up and I spoke to Sean in Seoul. 

This interview was really interesting. Sean was a bit fixated on my age and was wondering if I was going to be okay working with and for people younger then me since i was a lot older (A LOT?? Five or ten years isn’t a lot buddy!). I mentioned that I have worked in the videogame industry for a while and was used to people being younger then me. He then mentioned how I would be standing and walking around the classroom for six hours a day and do I feel like I could do that. I felt like yelling, I am 40 not freaking 80! He did mention that I didn’t look my age and seemed to be very energetic blah blah. Nice try buddy, So he seemed happy enough with me and mentioned Jeremy would be sending me the contract soon.

Next day I received the following e-mail: 

Hi Christene,
We are impressed by your qualification, skills, the experience and we are confident of  your potential to be beneficial for our organization. It is our pleasure to offer you the position of English Language Instructor. 

So here are the details on where I am heading off to:

Pyeongchon POLY

Pyeongchon is often referred to as the garden city, located just south side of Seoul and combines the best of city living with the clean refreshing environment of Korea’s pristine greenbelt. The natural environment of Pyeongchon is still well preserved with many parks, including the great Central Park and Suri mountain. Pyeongchon has established itself as one of Korea’s premier satellite city. City is connected to Seoul by subway line 4 and is just 20 minutes to downtown Seoul.

Pyeongchon is clean, vibrant, young, as a fast developing industrialized urban center ready to challenge the world. It offers access to all the modern amenities a city of nearly half a million requires but without the congestion associated with a mega-polis like Seoul.

The full name of the place I am going to is: Pyeongchon-dong, Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, South Korea. There are all kinds of districts, and other stuff in that address. I need to figure that out!

I will have tons of pictures of the city and my place once I get there! I hope to see stuff like this:

The Singing Road
Anyang is home to the first and only ‘singing road’ in South Korea. What is a singing road, I hear you cry?! It is a road with specially cut grooves carved into it, which, when you drive over it, plays the tune of ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’ by specially vibrating through the car! Designed to keep drivers awake, this cute and unique road is worth trying out if you happen to have a car.

See here are the next steps for me with the school:
  • When you signed copy of contract is provided, it will be submitted to Korean immigration for visa processing. This process may take up to two weeks.
  •  Once approved, immigration will provide a Visa Issuance Code which will be forwarded to you ASAP.
  • With Visa Code, you can obtain your E2 visa at nearest Korean Consulate. 
  • We’ll fly you here to Seattle for couple of days for teacher training then depart to Korea directly from here.

Here are the next steps for me leading up to that:

  • Storage container delivery today. I found a real cool place called door to door that delivers a storage container to me, I fill it up and they pick it up and store it. it only costs 99 for the delivery and pickup and then 39 bucks a month for storage.
  • Fill-up storage container in the next few days.
  • Susie arrives Sunday to help me finish up and then drive back to AZ
  • Spend Monday-Wednesday cleaning, packing and hanging out.
  • Wednesday or Thursday start the road trip back to AZ taking the route through Utah so I can hit a couple of states I haven’t been to yet. 🙂
  • When I am in AZ go through the stuff I brought and try to get it down to two suitcases and pack up leftovers to be mailed over. Also make sure I have everything I need.

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