Week Eleven

If you’re going to be crazy, you have to get paid for it or else you’re going to be locked up. ~
Hunter S. Thompson

So my job search adventure has definitely been a crazy one this week. This most notable part of it was dealing with a recruiter named Julia from ACE Recruiting. She has been kind of flaky and abrupt all along, but I just ignored it and assumed it was just an email communication thing. But a couple days ago I received an email from a guy who was letting me know that he was also a teacher who contacted ACE Recruiting and had received an email from them with all my personal details. resume, and previous email thread attached to it. He wanted to let me know since they seemed really unprofessional. I agreed it was but I was going to keep with Julia since I had an interview with Avalon (a large ESL company in Korea) that night.

Well I had the interview with the company via Skype and during the interview they mentioned the job started in May. So after the interview (which went well) I contacted Julia and asked about the starting date. First she said that was when I said I was available. I explained to her that I had stated around April 11th and then she said the process takes four weeks so that would be right since it was exactly four weeks away. I sad she must have the months mixed up because that is eight weeks away not four. She then wrote back and said this was a good school and the visa process takes at least six weeks. I wrote back with this:

I would love to but I can’t exactly afford to sit around for a month and a half. I am not sure why you are so angry at me when I had told you the dates.
Since I can’t wait two months I guess I am going to have to pass.

She then wrote back with the following email:

I didnt agnry.

Dont to go far.

The school didnt ask you to hire you. They didnt tell me to give you a contract.

You might be fallen

So, dont go far. 

Ummm. What? Was I just threatened by a Korean recruiter? Weird. Anyway… not long after I got this email from her:


The AVALON school Suji Campus has a opening position start April as soon as your E2visa done.

They would like to hire you at Suji Campus in April. 

Guess I wasn’t fallen after all. And then not long after that (around four hours later) I got this email:

I am sorry to say that you are declined by AVALON school because you are over age limit.

There max age is 35

Ohhhhhkkkaaaayy. So I wrote back with this:

Which is it because is the previous email you said the Suji campus would like to hire me? Previous email – “They would like to hire you at Suji Campus in April. “
Also, my friend, who is 40 years old just signed a contract with Avalon so I doubt it is an age thing.

I think that will be my last email with that recruiting company, except for the one that I will send saying I don’t need their services since I found another position, thanks!

I have an interview Sunday night with a position in Siheung city, which is near Seoul. And a few more recruiters looking for positions that should get back to me on Sunday evening. Next week I want to accept a job so I can go to the consolulate here in Seattle before I leave so I don’t have to make the drive to L.A. to see the consulate. Though a drive to L.A. would be fun too 🙂

Oh yeah, and I am on a train to Canada to spend the weekend with Cyn and Sandra. Woo hoo! I need to see if ‘ride a train to Canada’ is on my list of things to do. If it isn’t, it should be!

2 thoughts on “Week Eleven

  1. Hi Christene,I found your blog while doing endless researching into teaching in Korea. I am in Ireland and starting out on the job hunt using recruiters but I am finding it daunting especially as I am "over the hill" at 38. Anyway I found your blog helpful and comforting. What kind of questions do the private schools ask during interviews ? I did the 50 minute interview for a public school but it was really tough and I did n't get a place. Cheers, John.

  2. Hi, John! The questions with private schools has been pretty basic. Mostly they just ask why I want to come there to teach, have I ever taught anything before, have I traveled. How do I feel about living in a country I won't speak the language. And then sometimes they ask questions about how I would discipline kids. I have been told that most private schools just want to hear your accent and find out how enthusiastic you are about it. So if you can channel your inner California Valley Girl you should do fine :)And really I have only had one issue with age3, as you saw in this post. Other then that it hasn't even been a question.BTW… Have you checked out Dave's ESL cafe? There are some cynical and burnt out people there, but there is tons of info to help you along this journey. I was lucky to find a couple people who had started blogs, just like how you found me, and one of them at http://midlifekrisisgoeskorean.wordpress.com/ has been a lifesaver for me as someone to go on this journey with. Keep in touch please and let me know how it goes for you!

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