Week 9.1: Update on the Search

So here is an update on my job search. Since I have my paperwork now I am kicking everything into high gear. The plan is to have April 1st be my last work day. Get my last check on the 6th or 7th and
drive back to AZ on the 7th or 8th. My goal is to leave to Korea on the 11th of April. I sent in a letter to my landlord and called him letting him know I will be out by the latest on the 9th. So now that means I need to do some cleaning in case he wants to have some people parade through the house! I should probably think about raking some leaves too…

So here is the update on the job search:
05MAR11 – Applied to English Work/ 07MAR They responded with a couple listings.
05MAR11 – Contacted Solon. MiHye from Solon responded back with a couple of listings
05MAR11 – Contacted ACE Korea Consulting/They got back to me and I had an interview with an Adult Prep school, The Princeton Review. I think the interview went pretty well, I am just not sure if I want to teach adults in a corporate environment.
06MAR11ESL Starter got back to me and asked if I would be interested in any areas besides Seoul. I said as long as it is a heavily populated area. They are going to look some more.
06MAR11SayKimchi got back to me to find out the status of my documents and let me know they were sending my info out.
06MAR11 – Bonnie from OK Recruiting got back to me to let me know she was still waiting on a response from the DOCS school and set me up for an interview with another school for late tonight.
06MAR11WorknPlay got back to me and set me up an interview with a school for early this evening. The interview was supposed to be for yesterday but I guess the current teacher they have there told them my degrees were taken online etc, when they aren’t. They wanted me to somehow prove I attended class on campus; which I am not sure how I can do that except hop back in time and take some video! I sent my diplomas as well as a reference letter from the program chair and I guess that was good since they set up the interview for today. This better be a good school because of all the hoopla!

07MAR11 – So the school that WorkNPlay set me up to interview with is called Pinkbus Academy or something like that and guess what? They didn’t call again! I sent the recruiter an email and she said something about someone was supposed to call etc.. etc… can they call in a few hours. I said fine. I am very reluctant about this school now though.
07MAR11 – I had an interview through OK Recruiting with a school called Fortain and it was a good interview! It is a very small school and I spoke to three people at once on a conference call, all males. The director is Australian and I had to keep catching myself that I didn’t copy his speech as I tend to do! It was a great interview though and I think it would be a great school to work at, it is in MokDong which is a mid to upper class area full of schools.

And…. as of right now I have received two contracts to review from the two places I interviewed at this weekend! Things are moving super fast!


One thought on “Week 9.1: Update on the Search

  1. MiHye, from Solonholdings was my recruiter and she was a doll. Kept me totally updated on phone and email messages about the paperwork/visa/plane ticket process. She picked me up at the Seoul airport..and we had 45 mins to spare before I caught a bus down to Changwon. I thought it would kinda be awkward being that I was so miserably tired and having to make a new convo with someone I had never met in person before. But we had the most exciting time sitting there at the airport. People stared as they walked by but I personally felt they were staring at her for speaking english with me. She and I had a blast, laughing like crazy, talking about the Korean culture/music and of course dramas !! She was laughing so hard at one point she began to slap me on my shoulder, as if we were old old friends. I really recommend her for anyone considering ESL here in Korea. :o) JMHO

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