Week 7.1: Contacting the Recruiters

So I started contacting recruiters and putting myself out there to try and lure in the best job for me. I am being pretty specific about the area I want to work in (Seoul) since I want the whole big city experience. But I have been open about type of school (public vs. hagawon) and age of students.So far I have contacted these recruiters:

20FEB11 Poly School http://www.esc-us.com/
20FEB11 WorkNPlay (The sent some positions and will send more later)
20FEB11 Korvia (I sent them a message to reschedule since I missed the first call with them because they were late in getting to me. The call was supposed to be at 10PM and they didn’t call into after 1030PM and I missed it because I thought they had just forgot about me.)
20FEB11 Footprints Recruiting  (The stated  they had nothing until the fall and how they thought I was a solid candidate and suggested some other things like Japan, Georgia, and applying for the Fall EPIC intake)
20FEB11 SayKimchi  ( I need to send them a short video showing how peppy and fun etc… I am)
20FEB11  ESLStarter (They touched base with me and said they are checking to see what they have to offer me)
20FEB11 Morgan Recruitinghttp://morganrecruiters.com
21FEB11 Opportunity Korea
21FEB11 Longbridge Pacific

So it is encouraging that they are getting back to me. I am sure me being picky about location isn’t helping, and I might have to start looking at some areas around Seoul, but it has only been a couple of days! What I did find interesting was that out of the two locations that have contacted me with positions, they have all been public school positions. I am hoping to get some hagawon positions sent to me soon so I can see what kind of offerings there are in that sector!

I am hoping to find something by the end of the week because I need to give my landlord a notice and let Susie know when I am moving so she can fly up here and help me pack and stuff and drive back to AZ with me!


One thought on “Week 7.1: Contacting the Recruiters

  1. I cant wait until you and Renee get here !! If you guys end up in the Seoul area I will happily take the KTX to visit !! Its only about a 2 hr ride on the train. I cant wait till we can do some things together. Seeeee ya guys soon !!

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