Week Seven

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?  ~Satchel Paige

Not too many exciting things to post this week. I am still waiting on my paperwork. My mom did get my Masters degree notarized and sent off to the AZ State dept. to be apostilled, and that is the last of my paperwork I needed stamped with anything. for now!

I also sent out feelers to a couple of recruiters and got responses back right away which was comforting. I still have it in my head they are going to send back a letter filled with LOL’s stating I am too old and need to start looking into nursing homes! But apparently there is still some life in these old bones and it is worth tossing them in to the front of a classroom to teach impressionable young minds.

I also finally decided on a camera. I have been scouring Amazon.com trying to find the best priced (cheapest) camera for what I need. Basically I just need a cheap camera that takes good pictures and is small and pretty. I decided on the Nikon Coolpix S4000 in plum. It has a cool touchscreen and was a low-price of just under $100. Pretty darn good deal and it is tiny and cute! 🙂

Oh yeah… and I used my cute new camera to take a picture to use as a passport pic. I was dreading doing this and lo and behold every picture I took looks like I just tumbled out of bed or a jail cell. I give up.. they will just have to do.

But now I am not sure which one to use, and I hope they are acceptable since I only had a light blue background and I used Paint to adjust the background to white (as you can see in the first shot). I probably could use the light blue background since I think that is acceptable as well (as in the second shot). I did find a site online that fits the photo into passport size so I just need to print it out myself, so that was helpful.

I wish my mom or sister was out here so they could take my picture for me. They are the only ones I know that would have the patience and understanding that I need to take the picture five billion times to find one that works just right. I am sure anyone else I would ask would take like one photo and say “that looks fine” even though I had twelve chins and my hair was sticking out at odd angles and one eye was half closed. Ahhhh friends, what we would do without them to make sure and tag the horrible pics of us on Facebook.


One thought on “Week Seven

  1. I think your pics look great! I took an okay one in NC, but then left the darn things in my car that is still there. So the pics I have were hasty, and without so much as make-up. ::sigh::

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