Week 5.1: FBI deems me fit to teach

Malefactor, evildoer, transgressor, culprit, felon, crook, hoodlum, and gangster

Not a criminal!

What do these words have in common? They do not describe me! I got my FBI background check back yesterday and they deemed me a non-criminal! I don’t know why I as so worried about it; you would think I would have remembered if I had ever been arrested! But stranger things have happened to me. Let’s see how close I was to my prediction from January 26th:

By then I might even have my FBI check back and be able to send that off to the State dept. to get apostilled (I am going to predict I will have this one by….. Feb. 21).

Whoooaaaaa… I was way off! I got it back two weeks sooner then I predicted. Obviously I don’t have a future in predicting the future (If I was able to I would have already known that I wouldn’t be able to!) But that is okay because my plan to teach overseas is becoming more and more a reality! Today I sent off my documents to the State Department and I am sending my Masters back to AZ with Zach for my mom to get notarized and sent off to the AZ Department of State. I also got an email from my undergrad school and they have filed my BA with the AZ Department of State so I should have that back next week!

So paperwork is all set for this week, now it it is time to get pictures taken. Uggh, I haven’t been looking forward to this part!


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