Week 4.1: F.B.I. Record Request

Good news! The FBI clerk has my fingerprints in their hot little hands and is now processing them. Well, I think that is good news. I really hope they don’t find some crazy charge I got while sleepwalking or something. If they do I will definitely pull the ol’ twinkie defense. Or maybe they will get me on something like a misplaced comma. I know I have been guilty, of that but never formally charged! (Previous comma misplaced on purpose!)

In all seriousness, I hope it goes smoothly and I get my results back soon just so I have them in my hand and can start the next step… getting a picture taken and contacting recruiters!


3 thoughts on “Week 4.1: F.B.I. Record Request

  1. AND:I think Blogger is mocking me. When I put in the code word to verify that my last comment was from a real person, there was a handicap symbol next to the blank. That wasn't there before….

  2. I learned about the twinkie defense in one of my psych classes. The things people will do to get away with murder!P.S. I think you can sign up with gravatar so you don't have to put in the code each time. Or maybe just follow my blog. I think both of those let you post without doing that. I know I use gravatar to post on wordpress blogs without issue. Just do a search on it and you will find it!

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