Week 3.1: More Paperwork

So, I have now heard back from both colleges I attended and think I now have a plan on what to do about getting my diplomas apostilled. WIU said they would be more then happy to notarize my copy AND send it off to the Sec. of State for me and send it back to me. The only charge…. I pay for shipping (I will send them a FedEX envelope with my account # and the Sec. of State charge ($3.00 per document). Deal!

Argosy said they don’t do any of that so I am shit out of luck. Wow.. thanks Private University that charged me an arm and a leg for my education that I don’t even use. Whatever, I know it was my own damn fault for being a single mom and working full time and needing the convenience of a program that could fit my schedule.  It is not that big a deal (grumble, grumble) I will just get my MA notarized myself in WA and sent off to the Sec. of State and pay the atrocious state of WA charge. So basically my diplomas will be certified in two different states, but I doubt that will matter.

So this week I will send of my paperwork to get all stamped etc. and I should have it back in a couple of weeks (I am going to predict I will have both documents in my hot little hands by Feb. 14th).  By then I might even have my FBI check back and be able to send that off to the State dept. to get apostilled (I am going to predict I will have this one by….. Feb. 21).

I am thinking I should have all my paperwork by the end of February. So that means starting in March I can start contacting recruiters and applying. Looks like my plan to be in Korea by April is still on track. 🙂

I am still up in the air about where to store my stuff etc. I was thinking I would just store it here in WA. But then I was thinking also I would really like it stored in AZ so my family has access to it in case I need something and plus I want my stuff to be back home. I have been investigating putting a hitch on my car and towing the stuff back. It really wouldn’t be that much more (like $300 total for hitch and trailer rental) But is it worth it? Luckily I still have some time to think about it!


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