Week 1.2: Documents Needed

I love lists so I wanted to get started with a list of the documents I needed to have for the application process. I think I covered everything, but I am sure I am probably missing something that I will find out at the eleventh hour!

  • Resume (Still working on a good ESL resume with no teaching experience!)
  • Cover Letter (Same with the cover letter.. still working on it!)
  • Passport (Photocopy of picture page) (Done!)
  • Six passport sized photos (Ugh, pictures šŸ˜¦  Still working on it)
  • University Degrees notarized and apostilled (Made the copies… that’s one step)
    • BA
      • notarized
      • apostilled
    • MA 
      • notarized
      • apostilled
  • Four sets of Sealed University Transcripts 
    • BA (submitted request)
    • MA (submitted request)
  • US National criminal record check (submitted)
    • Apostilled by Dept. Of State
  • Two letters of reference (received one, second on its way)
  • Medical Exam Certificate

The FBI background check is going to take the longest. So I am giving myself a month to work on the resume and cover letter. šŸ™‚ I also found a site that listed the stuff and breaks down the costs that is pretty handy! https://sites.google.com/site/jmphry/documents

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