Day Three Hundred and Three

I am a knitting fiend! With the rainy overcast weather, Riley and I are staying in and watching past episodes of Dead Zone. While watching it I am constantly amazed at how scrumptious Anthony Michael Hall grew up to be. Who knew ‘The Geek’ would become such a stud muffin! Anyway.. back to my fiendishness; I am a knitting fiend!

Christa had asked me to make her some darker long gloves; ones that were more goth-like. We went to the yarn store and she picked out the colors. After clacking my magic knitting needles together for a while I came up with these!

They turned out awesome! I liked them so much that I contemplated keeping them for myself, but then decided that would be mean, so I am making another pair for myself, except re-placing the grey area with hot pink because I am just crazy like that!


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