Day Two Hundred and Forty Three

I did part of The Roller Derby Workout today. It was fun. It has some good stretches and I really like the music it is set to. I can’t wait to try this on skates.. not yet though!

I decided that starting tomorrow I am going to see how many days in a row I can go for a morning walk. I seem to do good for a few days and then slack off for a few. It’s just walking for 30 minutes! I have tons of 30 minutes to spare to do this and Riley will appreciate it.
I need an application like my stop smoking one, one that shows how you are improving your life by walking each day or something similiar. I need to see if one like that exists. For now I will rely on my cardio trainer to track how many days… let’s try for seven days in a row first and then move on from there. Starting tomorrow!

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