Day Two Hundred and Twenty Five

Well my first day of summer break was a busy one. I decided to re-arrange things in my house (again). I moved the closet from it’s corner to the area in front of my bed so it is basically blocking my bed completely off from site.

I did it a little differently from how Susie did when she moved it, I actually removed everything from inside of it first. It was still pretty darn heavy, Susie must be a lot stronger then she looks! But I really like its new position; it worked out awesome! I also moved a few other things around and after a year the place it really coming together. 🙂

I also covered the back of it and the other wall with some pretty fabric my mom had gotten for me a while back.

After that I went on a walk with Riley to the bus stop area and back and ended up walking for over  an hour, and just under four miles. With hills and everything. My cardio tracker on my phone showed that I burned almost 600 calories. Nice!

We also stopped at the lake for Riley to play because it is really hot out today! And then my day was topped off with finding out my B grade in chemistry; woo hoo! 

Oh yeah, and I discovered Riley LOVES baby carrots. She thinks they are a treat. She is such a weird dog.

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