Day One Hundred and Ninety Seven

A day in the life of unemployed me! First, wake up around 10am, make some coffee, feed the dog, get dressed and head out for hair appointment at 11am. Spend about an hour getting an AWESOME haircut and then head to Martina’s for lunch and visiting.

We had a really nice lunch of sourdough bread, mozz cheese, tomatoes, fresh basil, nitrate-free ham, and olive oil, oh and strawberries! I then headed to the library to pick up some books I had on hold and to print out some pages for a paper I need to write for school. 

After the library with memories of the yummy lunch still in my head I stopped at Trader Joe’s picked up some of the aforementioned ingredients as well as some ginger cookies. Yum! After I got home I video-chatted with Susie and then read for the rest of the afternoon. What  a hard life!

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