Day One Hundred and Eighty Six

I went on two long walks today (yes, two!) to try out the ankle braces I got and was surprised by the results. I thought I would like the shorter one that had more arch support, but that extra arch support really made my foot hurt and I had to take it off before the end of the walk.

It was a good lesson to learn because I always though with high arches I needed more support, but I think all the extra support I have been trying out is what is actually causing all the foot pain I have when walking/jogging. I will use it in place of an ace bandage for swelling, it works really well for that.

The taller one with the stays on the side worked really well. I could barely tell I had it on and my ankle felt really supportive and then was no pain. I plan to buy a second one so I can wear one on both ankles when doing anything that involves movement!


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