Day One Hundred and Eighty Three

OMG. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t even leave the house. As I was walking outside to take Riley for a walk I misstepped on a stepping stone outside my door and twisted my ankle! It freaked me out because I imagined it breaking!

I hobbled inside and got some ice to put on it when I started to feel dizzy, nauseas, and clammy. I realized that I was so freaked out that I was going into shock. I hurried and put the ice on it and then laid down and propped up my feet. That helped tons, I am glad I was thinking clearly!

As you can see from the pic my ankle is swollen, but hopefully putting ice on it right away helped and it won’t be too stiff tomorrow.

Sheesh, I swear I can’t get a break in my quest to get healthy. At least I am back to recording my food and I can at least control that.

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