Day One Hundred and Seventy Five

Very busy day today. So busy I didn’t even get a picture taken! First I had a 3.5 hour workshop at school in regard to CAT/TB. These are benefit extensions when you are on unemployment and permission to go to school while you are on tuition. There was one of those people in the workshop that kept asking questions all the time and kept asking questions about things that the person leading the workshop had already gone over so it went pass the three hours it was supposed to be.

Also, I almost finished cleaning my car. I wiped down all the interior and got a lot of the hair off, but my dustbuster was charged so I wasn’t able to vacuum at all. I think I might have to go to one of the self service places and vacuum. 
And then my friend Sara called around 9pm and asked me to come over because she was having problems and needed a friend. So I only just got home and barely made my time to post this! Leaving to see Sandra in Canada tomorrow. Woo hoo!

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