Day One Hundred and Seventy Four

Today could be categorized under clean. Well sort of. I took Riley to the dog walkers to hang out and she had a blast hanging with the pups… there was about 25 of them there today!  Holy cow that is a lot of dogs! While there Dana volunteered to give Riley a bath in this cool bath setup she has. Riley was scrubbed clean.

Later I kind of cleaned out my car. Sort of. I got the papers and junk out. But there is still a lot of dog hair! 

And the third thing I cleaned was the pathway and stairs in front of my patio. I had already used the weed whacker on it but hadn’t got around to clearing off the grass I whacked.

I also downloaded this cool program on my phone that takes pictures and then applies a cool filter to them (Susie, it is called FxCamera check it out on the marketplace). The one I like best is called toycam and it makes the pics look retro, you can see one of the filters in the above dogs pic. There is also a filter called Warholize or something. 
I tried the Warholize on Riley and it was a bit too dark inside so I wanted to get more light. This is how it played out. ME:Riley, I need more light for the picture, come outside please.” I open the door and step outside, Riley follows me outside. I stop and point at a spot and say, “go there”. Riley walks over and turns to face me and sits down. I say, “Pose” Riley titls her head and poses. I take the picture, wait for the filter to apply and see if it looks good. ME “Thanks Riley” Riley stands up and walks inside and lays down on her rug. I swear she must have been a model in her previous life! 

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