Day One Hundred and Forty Two

I decided to fill my barren flower boxes outside my front door with bright flowers. I got the flowers from Home Depot and plated them today. It was a beautiful day out early this afternoon and a good time to spend in the garden. 

There is a flower box on each side of my door and I was able to fill both of them up. I also got a tomato and a yell bell pepper plant so I could plant those and hopefully grown some veges! 
I left the house for a few hours this evening and when I got back … the evil dog that lives with me had torn up and destroyed the planter on one side! I knew that would happen! Grrr.. It looks like the sunflower may have survived ( I hope so!) but it is currently pouring rain outside so I can’t really tell. The dog is currently sitting on a blanket on the floor and is not allowed to leave that area. I may just have her stay there the rest of the weekend! I am pretty sure the pepper is destroyed, but the tomato plant may have survived the attack. I will find out tomorrow.

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