Day One Hundred and Thirty Five

I wanted to get a new release movie and Netflix was taking way to long so I found a movie I wanted at a RedBox near me. The RedBox website said the box was basically across the street from me. I knew this wasn’t true since there is a lake across the street from me, but I decided to hit the road and look for it anyway.

I went to the neighborhood behind me and found me self amidst a weekend in Suburbia. There were tons of garage sales, kids playing outside, families riding their bikes together, and neighbors chatting and jogging. It was kind of surreal for a moment. I realized I have been trapped inside my little cottage in the middle of nowhere for a long time. Oh! And I finally found the RedBox at a 7-Eleven on SE instead of NE like the webiste had it,
We also hit the dog park for some much needed Riley running around time and me some walking time. All in all a good day.

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