Day One Hundred and Thirty Four

I went for a walk to the lake today so Riley could run around and swim. I went to the closer entrance so it was only like a 10 minute walk, which was much better on my ankle. Riley had a blast catching the stick I would throw waaayyy out into the water. She is a pretty good swimmer. I didn’t take my phone so no beautiful pictures of the outdoors and the lake today.

After the 10 minute walk to get back and climbing up and down the pathway to get down to the lake I was exhausted. It was then when it struck me that I was truly and totally back to square one in getting fit. This sucks because I was making good progress. 
But oh well, time to start over again. I signed up for three classes at the gym next week and put them on my calendar. Since I am mentioning it here, I have to go, so no more slacking or excuses from me. I can do Yoga and Pilates without putting much strain on my leg and I know I can do aqua aerobics, so I should be good to go! Here’s hoping this weekend and next week are better then this last week!

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