Day One Hundred and Thirty

I had my three month check-up today and it was a good one! My doctor was very happy with my progress and my gait. I barely limped once I remembered how to walk on both feet again. At first I was on my tippy toes and he had to remind me to roll from heel to toe. He also said I can start wearing a shoes on both feet but not to push it and just do it for small periods of time. I can still use my boot as needed; like for long times on my feet, etc.

He also said to start real slow on the cardio. Like 10-15 min a day to start. That I can do since I found walking freaking exhausts me fast! It is amazing how horribly out of shape you can become in three months!

My mom, sis, and I also started the CTFLC (Crack the Fat Loss Code) plan today, and I guess AJ is starting it with us too. We are organizing it via Google calendar and documents. I will write more about it later this week, since the first 72 hours will be the toughest!


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