Day One Hundred and Twenty Eight

Very exhausting day. I stayed up all night in order to get the soldiers, Zach and two of his fellow battle buddies, back to the base by 0430. So I didn’t get back to the hotel until around 0500 and then conked out until around 0900.

We then went to breakfast and stopped to get some sandals, my mom and I found some but Susie didn’t, she was sad :(. We then headed off to the airport. My flight was changed around because of delays and I ended up being on the same flight as my mom and sis for the first leg of the journey. I got to travel around the Charlotte airport on one of the carts which was awesome because the airport was HUGE!

I had a looonngg wait before my flight left, and the actual flight was pretty nice. There was no one sitting between me and the other person and I was able to watch a movie on my laptop, create my menu plan and shopping list for the new eating plan we are starting Monday, and take a nap.

Daniel picked me up at the airport and it is so nice to come home, Riley missed me TONS! And I missed Riley and the weather TONS!


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